Calgary Garden Retreat

Calgary Garden Retreat


The Calgary landscape design project started out as a typical builder special, where it was apparent that no real thought by the builder had been put into the garden. The clients wanted a somewhat traditional garden with some architectural interest and features. Also the builders had fictional issues such as lack of drainage, which was a major concern, with a sizable pond forming after a rainfall.


A formal scale landscape concept/planting and grading plan was produced. The landscape plan was developed by expanding the outdoor living space. As well as a secondary seating space that had sun exposure for those fall and spring days in our Calgary climate. In the front we developed an aesthetical appeal front yard with balance that now fits the scale of the home with a new nice and inviting entrance for guess to have a feeling of a comfortable coming and going.


A curved pathway was installed along the house that is bordered by a shade garden on either side. This pathways leads to two patio and is connected with a lover patio surroundings. The overall ambiance is natural and draws in the attention with features such as the large boulders, wood architectural screen and outdoor kitchen. The deck was reworked from the builder’s project and new railing and large open steps to the new patio area was created.


An extension of the home was achieved with improved sight lines to every comer of the landscape from within and outside the house. We also developed the side yard with a grove of aspens that look amazing with the flagstone path from inside the house with the large open window space that looks directly onto it. The investment is maximized with the use of patio lighting when the sun sets, perfect for entertaining and relaxing privately. From the deck and inside the house there is an open view to multiple focal points situated within the entirety of the landscape. An intimate resort has been created.