Calgary Adjacent Lot

Calgary Adjacent Lot


Clients object was to implement the newly purchased lot next door to their house and tie it into their landscape property. The old landscape on existing house had several functional and aesthetic issues that needed to be dealt with from a previous landscape company work. Client had requested to design in such a way that a house could be possible to be built in the future without losing most of the landscape features installed.


The finalized scale designs were developed to make the site open to the new lot. Create an overall cohesive theme, as well as expanding outdoor living space and create more parking space/driveway. Additionally, new plants, trees, lighting and irrigation and retaining walls, and additional hardscape features were installed.


A driveway was created while retaining the existing large plant material. We created a screen to keep the space open and not fenced and establishing a private get away with a pergola that matched the architecture on the house. We removed the old retaining wall in the back and added plantings and paths to the back park space for the client. We used a Rundle grit as alternative to pavers to step down to the newly form lawn space. We created an open lawn area to be used in summers for badminton, volleyball and ice skating in the winter months.


An extension of the home was achieved while keeping the sight lines to the park from within and outside the house. The investment is maximized with the use of patio lighting when the sun sets, perfect for entertaining and relaxing privately. The driveway functions for additional parking and playing basketball and ball hockey. The existing front yard lighting and focal point’s where added to create movement down the path to the newly formed entertainment area. The lower firepit area provide functional space for additional guests and full enjoyment of every corner of the house and lot, an intimate resort has been created that provides the family and friends 12 months of fun.