Calgary Renovated Bungalow

Calgary Renovated Bungalow


This particular piece of property the owner had recently renovated the house including the exterior cladding The landscaping was esthetically unappealing and uninviting and did not fit the style of the new renovated bungalow. There was several functional and aesthetic issues to be dealt with including extensive demolition of patio, deck, sheds and deletion of overgrown trees and other unsightly plant material creating segregation in the landscape. Our goal was to create an oasis in the back yard with a fire pit. Seating area, sheds and a deck that he could watch football games.

The front street is not busy and very friendly and we wanted to create an open inviting space that friends and family could park and have easy access to the front door as well as a place to relax . Another client objectives was to create a landscape that was to implement as many existing large trees into the new landscape.

Concept Generation:

A few initial ideas were drawn up based on the clients’s objectives. The creative process revolved around creating a very livable space that maintained seamless integration from the back door , garage and back alley . In the front yard we wanted to take care of the slope to create an easy transition from street parking to the front door as well as to create a space to relax in the sun. We also proposed to landscape up to the neighbors driveway to soften the transition between houses.


Once the final plans were approved construction began on the back yard. The most challenging part of the project was to remove the existing landscape. The front yard was phased in two years later.


The new landscape was designed to integrate the new house look of the old bungalow to a timeless custom landscape project. Outdoor living was a high priority, so large trees spruce trees from back in the day had to be removed to accommodate a new look. We removed the old shed and design a new shed into the new back yard. We created a space in the back that the owner could have privacy on the composite deck while he watched his love of sports. We also created a focal point rock seating wall so from the outside and inside the house your eye is drawn to the pleasing landscape. We created a firepit for the client to relax around and created movement with pavers to the back and front yard.

In the front yard we created a new composite deck seating area that the client can use while relaxing in the sun. We created some screening to accommodate privacy where needed. We also created nice transition to the front door that friends and family can access easily as well as is esthetically pleasing to the eye. We also installed a new front door to give the house the full exterior update it disserved. The client now feels immersed in the naturalized surrounding of all the plant material with the dense planting of ornamental trees, shrubs , ferns. and grasses.